Remanufactured Workstations

Businesses are constantly adapting to the demands of changing market forces. Likewise, office and facility managers are continually seeking cost-effective ways to facilitate a changing work place, whether caused by growth, reorganization, a move or a merger, downsizing, or the need to update the corporate image.  Wells & Kimich has decades of experience remanufacturing Haworth® cubicles and taking preowned inventories of workstations and making them look as new.

Workstation Layouts

The Blend Between Budget and Quality

Many companies are turning to refurbished office cubicles, which offer the best blend between budget and quality. The savings over new cubicles can be significant while obtaining the same quality and appearance as new furniture.

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Paint & Trim Options

At Wells & Kimich, we’re dedicated to getting you the paint and trim colors you need to either match your existing office furniture, or to match your office space. Below are some of the many options we have.

* Due to limitations in scanning technology and in differences between color representation on computer monitors, the color displayed on your screen may vary from the color of the actual paint and trim.

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