The Benefits of an Ergonomic Stand Up Desk For your Business in Houston, TX, or a Surrounding Area

Stand Up Desk Houston TXThe advantages of using a stand up desk throughout the day are no longer a secret. In fact, sit-stand desks have grown in popularity as more people are finding out that they will feel more focused and have more energy to get through the work day. When you are upgrading a desk in your office or buying a fleet of desks for a new business in Houston, Texas, or a surrounding area, you may want to consider purchasing a stand up desk.

In addition to the mental benefits, studies have shown that utilizing a standing desk will actually lower the risk of obesity. People who sit all day tend to gain more weight than those who are standing routinely throughout the work day. And, this can even lead to a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes. So when you are ready to purchase new desks for your business in Houston, TX, or a surrounding area, utilize a product from the leading manufacturers of sit-stand desks, including:

  • Speacial T
  • Symmetry
  • RightAngle Ergonomic Products
  • ESI Ergonimic Solutions
  • And more

Wells & Kimich offers stand up desk solutions from all of these manufacturers and more. Having served the area since 1982, we have always kept up on the latest trend in office furniture and the standing desk is no exception. We can provide our clients with new, preowned, or remanufactured products to fit within businesses of every budget.

For more information about the stand up desk selection available to businesses in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas, contact Wells & Kimich today. Feel free to stop by our 6,500 square foot showroom to see our selection in person.

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